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On the following page, you will find the best pictures of some of our weddings this year, divided into galleries, so that you can observe the style, atmosphere and quality of our work.


Petra and Jákob

"We can't get enough of it, I really like it :)"

Petra and Jákob's wedding took place in a beautiful setting, at the Jakab Lovasudvar in Dabas, where Petra's love for horses and the atmosphere of the Peaky Blinders series were based on Petra's love for horses and the atmosphere of the Peaky Blinders series.


Dóri and Andris

"The video was perfect, you edited it very well, the pictures are fantastic, the music fits well with the moments, so thanks to this we don't want to change anything!"

A wedding photographer is happiest when he meets an honest, emotional couple on the big day. Dóri and Andris were exactly like that, it was a great experience to work with them, we think we can say that we all enjoyed the big day :)


Eszter and Máté

Ezster and Máté's wedding in October brought real autumn colors and an autumn atmosphere, but to the great joy of all of us, the weather was beautiful on their big day. The Eszter's are a really fun-loving couple with a very good mood, so it was a great pleasure and experience to work with them, and the same could be said about the wedding party. The whole wedding was in a great atmosphere, so our work became easier as well!

photo_2022-11-14 14.07.30.jpeg

"I can say on behalf of Eszter and myself that we are very, very grateful to you for all the work. When we started organizing, we agreed that we would not overthink it, as it is not such a big deal. Let's have a good party, everyone have a good time , and the recording will be as it will be. Well, we can say from all aspects (which we never thought we would ever say/describe), but we had a real dream wedding. All feedback from family, relatives and friends confirms this. Without you, this would not be possible could have come true! During the evening, you were relaxed and flexible, but you remained professional throughout. Both the pictures and the video completely reflect the atmosphere of the day and the party. And the selfie camera was a hit, everyone loved it!

Personally, I (Máté) would add that when the photography came up, I was a little distant from the subject. It seemed strange to be photographed, and it's not about me, it's about the bride. The question arose who should we choose? There are guys who also photographed the Equus days, but are they wedding photographers anyway? Then there is no other option!

I am very, very happy that we chose you, because both during the engagement photo shoot and on the wedding day, I finally managed to believe that I can take a good picture of myself. I had a great time during the photo shoot and it will remain as a very nice memory.

So in summary, thank you for making the wedding PERFECT together!

However, we would like to ask you to prepare the settlement so that we can transfer the remaining amount.

Also, allow us to freely recommend you to everyone :)

Thank you

Esther and Máté"


"Huh, they turned out to be very good pictures, my dear 😍😍



Szandi and Jani

Szandi and Jani's wedding was in a place we already know and really love, and we met at a wedding of mutual friends.

Since those pictures quickly gained their approval, they soon contacted us about capturing their wedding, and later they took over the photos of their big day with complete satisfaction.