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How long do we usually stay at the wedding?

We usually stay until 1 in the morning, but of course if you want we can keep going if the mood and the nested people justify it. For us, this does not change the price, it is a matter of agreement, situation. :)

How long does it take to receive the pictures / videos?

We usually start the selection the next day, so you can get the materials quickly enough. We write a contract for a month, but you can usually see the pictures in 1 week and the video in 2-3 weeks.

What is the difference between highlihts and documentary video?

The highlights video is a shorter video of about 6-10 minutes of music of your choice, with moody clips of major events and moments And the video as a documentation is a long video with pre-arranged events, in which the ceremony, dance or any moment you like is recorded from the beginning to the end, which we edit, we give to you, but in full. Of course, the two videos are not mutually exclusive, both are available at a wedding.

Do we use drones?

Yes, the basic service of all our packages is the use of the drone, which increases the quality of the pictures and videos. We also fly drones in real life and we have all the permits, so we can fly with them anywhere, anytime without any problems. :)

How can we make the pictures / videos even more personal?

We usually recommend a wedding photo / video, or a common Pinterest folder, in which you can collect your ideas. That way we can get to know you relatively quickly. So on the big day, everyone can be sure that the pictures and videos will be the best.

If you have both photo and video services ordered, is there any discount package?

Yes, our downloadable quote has a package at the bottom of the document that includes video, drone and photography and of course a small discount.

How can you book us?

Simple! If a face-to-face meeting cannot be resolved, we will email you the contract with all the details. Signed electronically must be returned and the booking will be made.

Should this advance be transferred?

Yes, this usually means 50,000 forints after the contract, but we are also flexible in this, we can deviate from this by agreement.

How long do we store pictures / videos?

As long as the internet and humanity exist! :) (Forever) You don't have to worry about that.

If the location is far away, should we provide accommodation?

Usually, if you want us to stay for a long time and the location is further than 100km, we  love living with it, but it’s rare.

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