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Our philosophy 

Dear Interested Parties,


Engaged Couples! The 4hands wedding photo-video service was created with the aim of serving married couples and those preparing to get married in the best possible way and with the highest quality.


We consider it our mission to capture the great day of your life in a form that will serve you to the maximum, prepared according to your needs. That is why the customer's needs and ideas are important to us. For us, it’s a “love project,” so we put not only our knowledge, but our hearts and souls into it. We love and are not afraid of extreme requests or unique needs because they make the event even more special. It is important for us to get to know you and know what kind of wedding you envisioned. This will allow us to provide an even more personal and personalized service.

We make sure that not only is there a service-customer relationship between us, but also a more personal relationship develops. We would like to present you in the pictures and videos in such a way that you can fully see yourself on them, reflecting your own individualities. And all this applies not only to you, but also to the wedding people, your dear guests.


For they also belong to you, they are part of your life. In addition to constantly training ourselves, we also keep our equipment up to date so we can work with the best technical background.


Tóth Gusztáv

Basically, I’m a nature photographer and a commercial filmmaker, a freelance photographer, but so much so that I don’t have a permanent residence either. I go with my van to any part of the country / world to capture moments after which I smile for hours and say - “That’s why I came”

After nature photography, I started working as quite a few photographers and to be honest I didn’t want to deal with weddings 3 years ago.


This topic left me absolutely cold, but I undertook the first wedding video and something very catchy. I didn’t know what it was then, I thought for days why I could enjoy it so much. As with nature photography, every moment is unique here. Nor does nature always show the same face, every sunset is different and does not repeat nature. That’s why I fell in love with wedding videography. I love to capture the moments, be there in front of my pairs and even more beautifully capture the events.

I hope to enchant you again for the big day in my movie after your wedding.

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Radványi Zoltán

From the first moment I grabbed a camera in my hand, it became my passion, my everyday life, and it has held me ever since. Today I see everything through an imaginary lens. I like to capture my own vision,

and I would rather pass this on to others, bringing joy to them. Ever since I also tasted wedding photography, I have experienced the uniqueness of this.



The subject is also very challenging, yet it offers a lot of wonderful photos. The transience of the moment is only one-time and unrepeatable, not only for the photographer but also for the engaged couple, at the same time the happiness, joy, emotions, atmosphere that surrounds the event creates an opportunity for a photographer to create, notice the moment and pass it on to posterity as well. That’s why it’s so awesome to be a part of a happy day!


Tel.: +36 20 257 14 71

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