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Portre Photography

Besides making wedding photoshoots, we also provide couple, pre-wedding and other photoshoots with great enthusiasm. You can contact us by email, and you can get the dates in a couple of hours.

Makeup and hair


Dragomán Panna

My name is Zsiák Csenge! I'm glad you're reading my lines. I'll tell you a little bit about myself!
The makeup in my life came completely by myself. I applied makeup to my eyes at a very young age. In front of high school they asked me what would happen if I grew up?

The answer is simple: I said make-up!
My make-up shelf has expanded over time and I have been able to increase my knowledge during several serious trainings.
So I’m here now and I’m really looking forward to your great day, too, with a nice make-up and a few pleasant hours.

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